Waterworks Operators

Washington Certification Services
Online Professional Growth Report

Certified waterworks operators in Washington can view and print a professional growth report online. The report shows the training used to meet the professional growth requirement during the current reporting period as well as training used since 1998 to meet previous requirements. Allow at least 30 days after completing training for it to appear on your professional growth report.

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The report also contains the following:

  • Current Professional Growth Reporting PeriodYou must meet the requirement within these dates.
  • Professional Growth Completion DateIf you have already met the requirement for the current period, the report will show your completion date. If you have not met the requirement this field will be blank.
  • TotalTotal professional growth credit earned
  • TypeSee description of each code below:
    • CEU – Continuing Education Unit
    • CCR – College Credit
    • EXM – Waterworks Certification Examination
  • Current home and email address on record – Review for accuracy and submit changes if needed.

This is an unofficial report only. When you meet the professional growth requirement you will receive an official completion letter from Washington Certification Services. Once the requirement has been met, no additional training will be posted to an operator’s transcript. It is the certified operator’s responsibility to keep track of training completed beyond what is required to meet the professional growth requirement.