Get Involved: Support & Recruitment Programs

On the path to becoming a teacher, there are many organizations offering support, guidance, and community building opportunities to future educators. Read on to learn more about some of these organizations!

High School Programs

Teacher Academies
Teacher Academy programs offer introductory education experiences through participating high schools. Field and classroom instruction is based on curriculum designed by the Washington State Teachers Recruiting Future Teachers (TRFT) organization. TRFT is made up of educators who are dedicated to the implementation of successful teacher recruitment programs.
Project TEACH
Project TEACH (Teacher Education Alliance of Colleges and High Schools) is a teacher preparation program linking high schools, community colleges, and university undergraduate programs. Project TEACH seeks to recruit more talented students into the teaching profession, to provide practical and diverse preservice field experiences, to strengthen math & science in elementary schools, and to improve the preparation and retention of prospective teachers.
Student Washington Education Association (Student WEA)
The Student Washington Education Association, or Student WEA, is a professional association for students pursuing a degree in the field of education. The purpose of the Student WEA is to provide learning opportunities that address student needs, represent student interests, build and sustain association and institutional relationships, and link students with the association and their profession.
Teachers of Tomorrow Clubs
Teachers of Tomorrow Clubs are student organizations available at many community colleges. Their mission is to unite community college students interested in education in order to acquaint them with the current issues via guest speakers, educational events and tutoring programs.

Community Based Organizations

Community Based Organizations are always in need of volunteers willing to donate time to tutoring or mentoring young people. Participating in the activities of these organizations can provide powerful insight into how children learn outside of the school classroom. Some examples of Community Based Organizations areBoys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Urban League and El Centro de la Raza programs, faith-based organizations, and various after-school tutoring programs.