GRCC Offers Team of Veterans to Help Vets in your Program

Veterans day parade
GRCC participates in the Veterans Day Parade in Auburn every year.

Did you know that Green River has a team of Veterans available to aid the Vets in your programs? In addition to the services provided by Sandra Mathews and her busy team in Veteran Services, the Vet-Corp’s Office can help transitioning service member veterans and dependants with resources to assist them in accessing their education and VA health benefits, get help filing a disability claim, assistance with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), employment, federal work study positions, unemployment services, Veteran to Veteran activities, and exclusively female Veteran support and activities. We also have a place for Veterans to study. Veterans can use the computers in our office; we even have a fridge and microwave oven exclusively for Veterans use.

I am seeking faculty contacts within Green River that can help communicate Veteran events and news to the Veterans in your programs!

If you are a Veteran or GRCC Veteran supporter, please take a minute to introduce yourself via email and I will help your program’s Veterans get connected to all of these services! If you are in Lindbloom Student Center, please come by and introduce yourself. We would love to make your acquaintance. We are located across from Financial Aid in Room LC253.

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