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Political Science

POLS& 101  Introduction to Political Science  (5)

Students explore and analyze political philosophies, ideologies, the historical development of political thought, democracy, authoritarianism, and major "isms" (liberalism, conservatism, capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, political-religious fundamentalism, etc.). Students assess how well each ideology has dealt with social, economic, and political problems. Students explore and analyze why people choose any ideology over others. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL 099 or instructor's permission. Satisfies social science requirement.

POLS 194  Special Topics–Political Science  (5)

An in-depth study of specific topics in political science or direct involvement in a politically-oriented project. May be in a seminar format or be research focused. Students may be involved in selecting projects and research topics. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL 099 and instructor's permission required for individual researcher projects.

POLS& 200  Introduction to Law  (5)

Introduces the legal system through an examination of several substantive areas that interest both business and non-business students. Covers constitutional law, contracts, torts, product liability, and criminal law. Uses business environment perspectives, but also considers general social context within which these laws have emerged. Discusses structure of American legal system and investigates sources of law for that system. PREREQUISITE: READ 094 with a grade of 2.0 or higher; or eligible for READ 104. Satisfies a social science requirement.

POLS& 202  American Government  (5)

Introduces students to the American political system – its origins, institutions, and operations. Students analyze and understand politics, power, and resulting policy. Examines formal and informal institutions of government, conventional and unconventional means of citizen participation, and political outcomes. Explores the strengths and weaknesses of various interpretations of American democracy. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL& 101 or instructor's permission. Satisfies a social science requirement.

POLS& 203  International Relations  (5)

Introduces students to major theoretical approaches in the field of international relations. Explores nations and nationalism, the nature of the interstate system, and power. Includes topics such as diplomacy, trade, economic sanctions, increasing technological and economic globalization, international law, international political economy, labor, the environment, and war. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL&101 or instructor's permission. Satisfies a social science requirement.

POLS& 204  Comparative Government  (5)

A comparative analysis of politics and types of governing systems around the globe (e.g., democratic, authoritarian, theocratic, parliamentary, presidential). Examines power relationships (e.g., race, ethnicity, religion, sex) and citizen rights. Explores and analyzes the political issues and problems in their international, historical, economic, and cultural contexts. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL& 101 or instructor's permission. Satisfies a social science and the diversity course requirement.

POLS 207  American Political Participation  (5)

Examines forms of American political participation. Focuses on such activities as elections, social movements, civil disobedience, political violence, as well as political mobilization activities via the internet. Also examines the causes and effects of nonparticipation. A central goal is to investigate the democratic theories that underpin American politics. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL& 101 or instructor's permission. Satisfies a social science requirement.

POLS 209  State and Local Government Politics  (5)

Explores and analyzes histories, structures, processes, policies, administration, and politics of state and local governments. Washington state receives close attention. Explores interest groups, lobbying, campaign finance, electoral politics, policy development and implementation, legislatures, executives, judiciary systems, ballot measures, political personalities, and inter-governmental relations. Students engage current political issues. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL&101 or instructor's permission. Satisfies a social science requirement.

POLS 220  Food Politics and Law  (5)

A comparative politics and law course considering motivations/behaviors of food producers, lobbyists, and members of legislative bodies, including the respective roles of governmental regulatory agencies, as well as case law relevant to food/agricultural issues pertaining to customs, ethics, political culture and the profit motive. The potential effects and implications of relevant and actual trade agreements (actual and proposed/pending). PREREQUISITE: Instructor's permission. Satisfies a social science requirement.

POLS 225  The Arab-Israeli Conflict  (5)

Explore the Arab-Israeli conflict from its inception until the present. Students will examine key political processes in the development of the conflict and explore the causes for its persistence. Through the analysis of the conflict, students will examine key isses in political science including: state and institution building, nationalism, ethic conflict, economic development, and conflict management. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL& 101 or instructor's permission.

POLS 298  Independent Study–Political Science  (1-5)

Enables students to individually pursue special interests or opportunities to study in political science under guidance of an instructor. PREREQUISITE: POLS& 101 or &202, or instructor's permission.