Course Descriptions

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS 220  GIS Modules Analyst  (5)

Builds on previously learned skills and concepts. Covers several ArcGIS modules within ArcGIS software programs which add analytical and display capabilities to ArcGIS. Students learn to use Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst using Model builder, and ArcScan. Students also learn how to publish data using ArcReader and Publisher modules. PREREQUISITE: GIS 121, GIS 202 or instructor's permission.

GIS 260  Cartography-Based GIS  (5)

Provides general introduction to the principles and techniques of GIS cartography. Reviews fundamental mapping concepts of map design using GIS technology. Students apply concepts of map scale, projection, and coordinate systems. Covers principles of thematic map design for different purposes and audiences. Students learn new ArcGIS cartography tools and modules, including Maplex, to aid in understanding principles of thematic map design for different purposes and audiences. Students get hands-on experience using ArcGIS symbols labeling, and annotation to make maps and to export maps into different formats. PREREQUISITE: GIS 121 or instructor's permission.

GIS 270  GIS in the Field  (5)

Focuses on ArcPad ESRI software, GPS tools and Survey Analyst modules to collect, create, edit, maintain attribute/spatial information and utilize GIS maps while in the field. Students learn to transfer information between the office and field. Students also learn to create and digitize new features using survey data. Focuses on developing skills while working on research projects in natural resources, conservation, urban planning, national security, government agencies, private sectors, and non-profit organizations. PREREQUISITE: GIS 202 or instructor's permission.