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Course Descriptions

This section includes a brief description of each credit class offered on a regular basis by Green River College.

Classes are arranged in alphabetical order according to the college department that offers the class.

Each listing includes a course number, course title, number of credits awarded and course description. Prerequisites are also designated where appropriate.

Dept/Division Abbreviation
Accounting ACCT
Accounting ACCT&
Aerospace and Advanced Manfacturing AAM
American Minority and Ethnic Studies AMES
Anatomy-Physiology AP
Anthropology ANTH
Anthropology ANTH&
Art ART&
Astronomy ASTR
Astronomy ASTR&
Automotive Technology ATECH
Aviation AVIA
Basic Education BASIC
Biology BIOL
Biology BIOL&
Business Administration B A
Business Management BUS
Business Management BUS&
Business Technologies and Administrative Careers BTAC
Carpentry Technology CARP
Chemistry CHEM
Chemistry CHEM&
Chinese CHIN
Chinese CHIN&
Communication Studies CMST
Communication Studies CMST&
Computation ACOMP
Computer Science CS
Computer Science CS&
Cooperative Education COOP
Court Reporting and Captioning CRC
Criminal Justice CJ
Criminal Justice CJ&
Design Drafting Technology D T
Drama DRMA
Drama DRMA&
Early Childhood Education Development ECED
Economics ECON
Economics ECON&
Education EDUC
Education EDUC&
Emergency Medical Technician EMT
Engineering ENGR
Engineering ENGR&
English ENGL
English ENGL&
English for Speakers of Other Languages ESOL
Environmental Science ENV S
Flight-Aviation Technology FLT
French FRCH
French FRCH&
Geography GEOG
Geography GEOG&
Geology GEOL
Geology GEOL&
German GERM
Health Education HL ED
Health Science H SCI
High School Completion HSC
History HIST
History HIST&
Humanities HUMAN
Individualized Graduation and Degree iGRAD
Industrial Education INDUS
Industrial Engineering I E
Information Literacy INFO
Information Technology IT
Interdisciplinary Science IDS
Japanese JAPN
Japanese JAPN&
Journalism JOURN
Machining and Manufacturing Technology MFG
Maintenance Mechatronics MTX
Mathematics MATH
Mathematics MATH&
Mathematics Jumpstart Module MATHJ
Mathematics Resource Module MATHM
Music MUSC
Music MUSC&
Natural Resources NATRS
Natural Science N SCI
Nursing NURSE
Nursing Assistant NRS A
Nutrition NUTR&
Occupational Therapy O T
Oceanography OCEA&
Parent Child Education PCE
Philosophy PHIL
Philosophy PHIL&
Photography PHOTO
Physical Education P E
Physical Therapist Assistant PTA
Physics PHYS
Physics PHYS&
Political Science POLS
Political Science POLS&
Prior Learning Assessment PLA
Psychology PSYC
Psychology PSYC&
Reading READ
Real Estate R EST
Social Science S SCI
Sociology SOC
Sociology SOC&
Spanish SPAN
Spanish SPAN&
Study Skills ST SK
Technology TECH
Transitional Studies TS
Wastewater Technology WWT
Water Supply Technology WST
Water Technology WTECH
Welding WELD