Michael Roberson
CELO 2012-2013

Michael Roberson

What year at GRCC are you? I am working on my 3rd and last year at GRCC.
Which program(s) are you studying? I am finishing up my Associate of Arts (AA) transfer degree.
Where is your home town? Chicago, Illinois
Why do you want students to get involved on campus? I want all students to become more involved on campus because it not only enhances the educational institution they attend, but it will also enrich their experiences at that institution. Getting involved at GRCC has allowed me to take part in discussions that will improve this institution for all students. Getting involved on campus is an interesting experience that no one should miss. The people you will meet and befriend along the way will make your experiences more rewarding than you may have ever thought possible.
What do you like to do for fun? I play League of Legends (PC game) and watch tons and tons of Korean dramas.