Christ Ponderosa
CELO 2012-2013

Christ Ponderosa

What year at GRCC are you? Sophomore
Which program(s) are you studying? My major is Political Science.
Where is your home town? Jakarta, Indonesia
Why do you want students to get involved on campus? To prepare them for their future life outside the campus (working life especially), simply to have fun and meet more people, make more friends. Being active is good for our health and they get to learn skills and know more, more aware of the community and society their living in, make connections and networks that might be helpful for them in the future. Support campus and their friends, enhancing other student's lives and quality learning, as well as experience in campus. Being active and getting involved on campus would make their education more holistic.
What do you like to do for fun? Reading, singing, cycling, ice-skating, playing in orchestras, playing musical instruments, meeting with friends to have conversations, etc.