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Check scam targeting Craigslist sellers

For Immediate Release

April 28, 2014

AUBURN, WA - Green River Community College officials are alerting the public that a national scam is underway using the college's international wire account to write bad checks to Craigslist sellers.

The scam involves a check being written to the seller using Green River's name and account number. The checks are written for an amount above the asking price for the product advertised on Craigslist. The people who receive the checks are instructed to cash the check, keep the amount for the product plus $100 for their trouble and then wire the balance to the sender.

The fraudulent checks are created using the college's published bank information for the International Programs wire only account. Victims of the scam are unable to cash the checks because the account is set up to only accept incoming wires. Unfortunately, this scam is taking advantage of people by using Green River Community College's good name, said Vickie Sheehan, director of marketing. No funds from the account have been compromised.

Green River follows strict spending guidelines and does not make purchases off of Craigslist, said Sheehan. Green River is working with Auburn Police to investigate the scam. If you received such a check from Green River Community College, please contact the college at 253-833- 9111. Officials are asking you to send the information contained on the check to pass along to investigators.

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