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Student receives scholarship to attend 2014 Conflict Resolution Education International Summit

Ana Cho has been awarded a joint Green River-George Mason University scholarshi.Ana Cho has been awarded a joint Green River-George Mason University scholarship.

Run entirely by volunteer and pro-bono efforts as a means to enhance the college's role in the community, Green River's new Community Mediation and Peacebuilding Institute begins a community peacebuilding initiative right here on campus.

Dispute resolution, student peer mediation and the improvement of campus climate are cornerstones of the institute's peacebuilding efforts. With this in mind, Green River student Ana Cho has been awarded a joint Green River-George Mason University scholarship to cover the costs of attending the 7th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education, at George Mason University Virginia in June 2014.

Ana was chosen from a competitive pool of applicants and it's easy to see why: She has a remarkable list of life experiences which she describes as 'building blocks'-the foundation for her life's work.

Her story begins at the University of Washington, where she began as a freshman in 2005. She did well and was accepted into the political science program. As the year drew to a close, however, she debated whether to continue to her sophomore year.

"I felt I was hit on the back of the head when I realized I was spending money for something I may not want to do for the rest of my life," Cho explained. "I needed experience. I needed to go and find a foundation to build my house."

She left UW and attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry for three years, where she graduated as a leader. She considers the seminary a building block for leadership skills. She then continued to work for a tech company, where she learned how to value relationships, another vital building block for her foundation. Cho's next position at an entertainment company taught her to value what makes people unique--a third building block for her foundation to become a future leader and peacemaker.

Now, Cho attends Green River to take business classes and strengthen her math skills before acquiring her degree in business. Her business law professor, Frank Primiani, encouraged her to apply for the scholarship.

"I think [Primiani] encouraged me to apply because I am a facilitator and he noticed that if you give me an idea, I will make it better," explained Cho.

The conference will focus on the knowledge, resources and networks that help Ana Cho bring peacebuilding, sustained student dialogue and community dialogue to campus.

"After the conference, we will see what conflict resolution and peacebuilding looks like for Green River. It's far beyond academic," said Cho. "I am honored to receive this scholarship and to contribute to a more peaceful and conflict-free campus and community."

Visit the mediation center website for more information and to view the May 2014 training brochure.