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Green River IT debuts in cyberdefense, sinks UW, blows out competition

Green River's IT rogram formed the eight-erson cyberdefense team.Green River"s IT program formed the eight-person cyberdefense team.

Green River's IT program won third place overall in the 7th Annual Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, held March 22-23 at Highline Community College.

Competing against two- and four-year colleges from Washington, Oregon and Idaho, it was the first time that any members of the Green River team had competed in the event. It was also the first time that any community college has ever made it into the top five during the seven years the competition has been held.

The members forming the eight-person team were: James Morris, Logan Hoerth, Quincy Wanzala, Nickolas Anderson, Mustafa Zaki, Brandon Degarimore, with Oliver Karr as co-captain and Duong (Ruby) Carrasco as captain Krish Mahadevan, IT faculty at Green River, acted as faculty advisor

During the two-day competition, 12 student teams--called Blue Teams--faced off against Army and Navy troops-named the Red Team-who posed as 'hackers' and testers. The Red Team judged all the teams against the tests and subsequent scoring of each test.

Successful attacks and tests made by the Red Team deducted points from Blue Team's score; Blue Teams that responded successfully to these attacks and tests regained points. Team responses to phone calls were also rated and scored. Finally, the percentage of uptime was weighed into scoring. When the results were tallied, our Green River team placed third!

The current team--which credits its camaraderie, determination and good planning for its excellent performance at the competition--has high hopes for next year. Mahadevan is proud of the students, and pleased with their hard work and great team dynamic When asked if he thinks Green River will compete again next year, he smiled and replied, 'We are hoping to send two teams! And get first and second!'

Karr, eyes glinting with determination, responded, 'We've only just started, and look how well we did Next year we're going to win, and go on to the Nationals!"