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Master college with these relevant workshops

Counseling and Health services hosts workshos to hel college students master necessary skills.Counseling and Health services hosts workshops to help college students master necessary skills.

College doesn't have to be a struggle. Between April 14 and April 18, Green River Counseling and Health Services will present workshops on subjects that most college students wish they would have known when they started.

All workshops will be held from noon to 12:50 p.m. in the Rutkowski Learning Center (RLC) 131. These workshops are open to all, so stop by any time.

  • Monday, April 14 - Mastering Time and Procrastination: Even the smartest students have to figure out how to make the clock work in their favor. No more cramming for tests or missed assignments.
  • Tuesday, April 15 - Study Skills of Successful Students: Why reinvent the wheel? Come find out how the best students make getting good grades look easy.<,/li>
  • Wednesday, April 16 - Test Anxiety is in the Past: When you take tests do you get the shakes, blank out, or have sweaty palms? After this workshop you'll be acing tests in no time!
  • Friday, April 18 - Five Secrets of Great Relationships: Building long-term, healthy relationships can reduce stress and create a strong support system. Come learn about communication, healthy boundaries, realistic expectations and other key relationship skills.

Visit the Counseling and Health Services website or email Rhionna Watson for more information. Attend these workshops to prepare for the challenges of college and get the most out of your time here at Green River.