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Enumclaw continuing education instructor Roger Young displays work, classes available

Roger Young, an award-winning photographer and Green River continuing education instructor, is scheduled to display a collection of his artwork during a public showing at the Enumclaw City Hall this June. Details of this show can be found in a recent Enumclaw Herald article.

As a working photographer since the early 1970's, Roger specializes in portrait, wedding, hobby, landscape, and nature photography and has photographed thousands of homes for local realtors.

In addition to working at Green River, Roger is owner and lead photographer at Foothill Photography Studio, located in Buckley.

Roger has been teaching classes with Green River's Enumclaw Campus for the past four years. Check out his upcoming summer classes to begin or enrich your journey in photography.

Digital Photography: Level 1

Digital Photography: Level 2

Art of Photography: It's not about the Camera