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Green River Accounting students volunteer for United Way tax preparation services

From left to right students are Eaint Thiri, Victoria Wong, Truc Vo, Enesha Ovezneesova, Daniil Fedoruk, Stehanie Tang, Arashk Afshar, and JiaJie Xu.

From left to right students are Eaint Thiri, Victoria Wong, Truc Vo, Enesha Oveznepesova, Daniil Fedoruk, Stephanie Tang, Arashk Afshar, and JiaJie Xu.

Several Green River Accounting students spent numerous hours volunteering for United Way's Federal Tax Preparation Program from Jan. to Apr. of this year. The program helps low-income people file their tax returns and secure all the refunds and credits that they're eligible for. The volunteers worked hard to provide these services at no cost to help those in need. With the money saved through this program many people can better keep food on the table and a roof overhead.

The students learned about the program through the Accounting Club or their accounting instructors.

One student, JiaJie Xu, summed up the experience by stating:

"I am so glad that I could volunteer with The Free Tax Campaign as a tax preparer. Our main job was to help the clients complete their tax returns and provide savings opportunities and public benefits information. From this experience, I not only learned how to file the tax return correctly, but also helped the people to get as much tax refund as they can. It was really a rewarding experience and I am sure that I will apply to be a volunteer again next year!"

Other students said they were nervous at first but United Way supported them along the way through training and review of their work. The students agreed it was a great learning experience and most said they would do it again next year.

Great Job Green River Students -- thank you for volunteering in your community!

For more information about the program, please visit the United Way King County Website.