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Amanda Lynn Britten, Green River student, published in the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

Amanda Lynn Britten

Amanda Lynn Britten

Congratulations to Green River College student Amanda Lynn Britten on her recent publication in (IJHSS). Lynn's article is entitled ''Utrecht, the Netherlands: Social Sustainability for the Future'' which she wrote in Michael Moreno's English 127 class during Winter Quarter 2015. The class, Writing: Social Science, focuses on urban studies.

In this work, Britten posits that the Dutch city of Utrecht can serve as a model to other Western cities currently transforming under a new global economy and an influx of immigration. Through tangible policies and practices grounded in civil liberties and social justice, this city has focused on ''social mobility, the community and its strengths, social networking and its applications, urban restructuring and its effects on the population, and the role of language and communication with inclusion of culture for immigrants," according to Britten's article. "These core subjects have repeatedly been investigated and have led to innovative topics for the future that may serve a greater purpose than anticipated. Above all, maintaining the ability to have all resources available increases social cohesion for any population."

Britten, whose interests involve social justice issues, race portrayal in the media, women's rights, health care rights, and the gender continuum, plans to continue her studies in sociology and eventually pursue a career at the state level.

As we congratulate Britten on this amazing achievement, we would be remiss not to also give a nod to English Faculty member Michael Moreno. Moreno holds an M.A. in World & Comparative Literature from San Francisco State University, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in English from University of California, Riverside. His areas of concentration include Latino Literature and culture, twentieth century American Literature, and spatial theory. He has been teaching Green River students in the English Division since 2008.

When asked what motivates Moreno to teach he said ''I'm a strong advocate of info-and techno-literacy and integrate this in all of the classes I teach at Green River. In order to be successful, it's imperative to have these 21st century 'literacies' since it provides not only access to ideas and information, but also empowerment in terms of social justice and equity."

Congratulations to Britten for publication in a major journal as a student, and our gratitude to Moreno for helping her to get there!