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Local high school students attend coding boot camp at Green River

On Friday, Apr. 17, 30 students from Enumclaw High School participated in a fun-filled coding boot camp at Green River College. The boot camp was hosted by the Technology Program and included free pizza, prize giveaways, a campus tour, and a presentation on Bachelor's of Applied Science degrees in Software Development and Network Administration & Security. The main event of the boot camp also featured a workshop that allowed participants to code their own version of a popular game called ''Flappy Bird."

On-campus coding boot camps are a key ingredient to the Technology Program's recipe for promoting technology careers and BAS degrees in Software Development and Network Administration & Security.

"Boot camps represent part of our department's recruiting strategy," said Sheila Capps, Program Manager. "They allow us to bring large groups of high school students to campus, which is not only tons of fun for those students, but also makes the college experience a bit more real for them. It also gives us the opportunity to promote Green River's exciting, technology-focused BAS programs. It's important that students realize how bright the future is for those who decide to pursue a career in tech."

"When learning to code, we believe it's best for students to just dive in," added Tina Ostrander, BAS faculty member. "Software Development is intensely hands-on so we bring students in, set them up in a computer lab and provide the guidance and mentorship they need to build something real and fun. We've had tremendous success hosting events of this nature—they're good for the community and good for students, and they help create pathways from high school to college."

This isn't the Technology Program's first foray into sponsoring on-campus boot camps. Last quarter, faculty and staff hosted a similar event focusing on both coding and information security that brought 65 Puget Sound Skills Center and Kentridge High School students to campus. On May 23-24, faculty and staff will also host ''CodeDay Auburn," a 24 hour coding event for high school and college students in partnership with Codeday.org.

Learn more about BAS degrees in Software Development and Network Administration & Security at: www.greenriver.edu/itdegrees

Learn more about CodeDay Auburn at: www.codeday.org/auburn