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On this day in 1965 Green River gets new bursar, hires “Two Staffers”

What is a bursar and why would Auburn School District select one for Green River?

According to the internet a bursar is a person who manages the financial affairs of a college or university. According to the Auburn Globe of April 14, 1965, then College President Mel Lindbloom said 'the new bursar would serve as a liaison man between the college and the school district business office on all financial matters.'

As you may recall in the early days, Green River, like all similar colleges in WA, came under the direction of their local school districts, and therefore Mr. Mattson's appointment needed to be confirmed by the school board in order to be official.

On this same day in 1965 two staffers were added to the College; Mrs. Janice Cramp, an Accounting and Economics instructor, and Miss Mertz, to teach English. Just like our current faculty, both instructors were highly qualified and prepared for their roles.