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Poetry on Buses program taps talent from Green River

From left: Anthony Warnke, Avis Adams, and Marcie Sims.From left: Anthony Warnke, Avis Adams, and Marcie Sims.

Green River was recognized in the greater community as three English faculty members, Avis Adams, Marcie Sims, and Anthony Warnke, have had their poetry submissions selected for the Poetry on Buses program for 2015.

The program limited submissions to 50 words or less based on the theme of coming home. The selection committee sorted through over a thousand submissions to decide on 365 individual poems, each to be featured on a different day in the coming year.

Anthony's poem, No. Sno., fall, will be featured in late spring and Marcie's Punctuated Return is slated for next autumn Avis is currently teaching in Japan, so we haven't heard yet when her poem, Golden Maple, will appear.

This year-long program is a continuation of the original 1992 program to recognize the role of the Humanities in daily life.

According to Poetry on Buses' website, all 365 poems will be showcased on their site, a new poem for each day of the year. Each week, a new portrait of a featured poet and an audio poem will offer readers an extra look and a listen.

Of the 365 poems selected, 125 will also appear on select RapidRide buses or stations, offering an on-the-spot poetic experience, and also invite visits to the online collection.

Further information with an alphabetical list of all the poets and their poem titles can be found here: http://poetryonbuses.org/collection/.