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Meet the new International Advising Team

Each student is assigned a dedicated full-time advisor at Green River.Each student is assigned a dedicated full-time advisor at Green River.

Green River's IPEL office welcomed an all-new staff of advisors this summer, under the leadership of Sandra Spadoni, Director of International Student Advising.

Sandra came to Green River in May 2014 with over 13 years of experience working with international students. She was previously head of the international office at the University of Washington Tacoma, and before that as an Assistant Director in the international office at the University of Chicago.

Just as in the past, each Green River student is assigned a dedicated full-time advisor at Green River to help with academic planning, transfer advising, and immigration advising, as well as provide comprehensive support and referrals to other resources. In addition to the Director, the team includes an Associate Director, four full-time advisors, and a team of part-time advisors provides drop-in advising.

To facilitate a higher level of excellence in academic and transfer advising, the IPEL Advising Office has changed to a major-based advising model. Previously, students had been assigned to advisors based on country of origin; now, students are assigned advisors based on major of interest. For example, business students are assigned to Ellen or Mim; music majors work with Andaiye; aviation students work with Adam; and computer science students work with Kim.

We believe that assignment by major will help our advising team provide more tailored information for students on transfer and academic planning. Our ultimate goal is the success of our students, and we also hope that this change will facilitate closer communication and collaboration with Green River's top-notch faculty.

Our advisors would be very glad to have the chance to visit with individual departments or offices as we get to know the campus over the course of the year; please do reach out if you have any suggestions.

For more information on each advisor and contact information, visit our page.