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Green River launches mobile site

The mobile site seeks to make the college even more accessible—and more relevant.The mobile site seeks to make the college even more accessible—and more relevant.

Green River has just launched its first mobile-friendly version of its website.

The mobile site is the result of a three-month collaboration between the IT development team (Anthony White, Qiong Wu, and Richard Hill), the IT server team and IT networking team, and ushers in something of a new era for Green River's web strategy, as it seeks to make the college even more accessible—and more relevant.

So, what's so significant about this?

"In marketing, the mantra is, 'go where your customers are'," said Marketing and Communications Manager Catherine Ushka. "Virtually everywhere you look, people are using their smart phones for everything: for work and school, news and entertainment, making purchases, downloading their favorite apps, or sharing what's going on in their lives with their friends and families via social media."

When one first opens the mobile site, the first thing they notice is just how stripped down it is, as compared to Green River's standard version of its site: fewer photos, less text and content that's been rearranged to be more immediately accessible.

This is due to the fact that the screen size of mobile devices is typically much smaller than a standard computer monitor, so much of the content you would expect to see is rearranged, or removed altogether

This streamlining allows the person accessing the site on their device to find the information they're looking for more quickly, making the user experience easier and more enjoyable.

"Smart phones and other mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of Internet access," said Executive Director of Information Technology Camella Morgan. "Visitors are more likely to use and return to mobile-friendly websites. It is what is expected from our customers."

According to Marketing and Communications Web Designer Yoriko Sosa-Nakata, who coordinated the project, ''We're excited to provide our users with all the tools they need, right from their mobile device."

It's important to note, this mobile site is a first launch, so your feedback on the mobile site is welcome and essential. In the coming months, the Web Team will be reviewing feedback and functionality to launch version two of the mobile site that better targets all user needs.