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Student success profile: Misty Beardsley

Workforce Education administers rograms that rovide free or reduced tuition to students who qualify.Workforce Education administers programs that provide free or reduced tuition to students who qualify.

Misty Beardsley, a Workforce Education student enrolled in the Business Management program at Green River, was recently featured on our Workforce Education blog.

Misty expects to graduate this summer, and suggests in our Q and A that she might return for the new BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Her story, incidentally, represents the intersection of multiple programs. She first applied for Workforce Education money back in the spring of 2013, and since that time she's been eligible for three of our programs: Basic Food Employment and Training, Opportunity Grant, and Worker Retraining.

Without getting too technical, the interplay of different programs operating on Misty's behalf is worth a minute, or two, of description.

When a student like Misty is triple eligible, the funding gurus here in Workforce Ed determine which program, or combination of programs, is best suited to pay during a given quarter. In Misty's case, the Opportunity Grant paid for her tuition, fees and required books during her first quarter of study. Extending Opportunity Grant funds to Misty had a dual ancillary effect of creating a match for BFET (which operates on a third-party reimbursement model) and alleviating pressure on Worker Retraining (which, at Green River, frequently serves the highest number of FTEs in all the land).

From there, Misty transitioned onto Federal Financial Aid, where she remained comfortably for the remainder of her degree program.

If you have a moment, check out Misty's Q and A!