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Espial: Taking notice of something; a discovery

Watch the Esial release arty oetry reading!Watch the Espial release party poetry reading!

This year's Espial was released Thursday, June 5.

There was a poetry reading from the book, along with recitations by Green River faculty and Auburn's own Poet Laureate, Richard Brugger. This year Espial is a special double 2013-2014 edition and is available for $10 in the bookstore.

Espial is an accumulation of Green River creative culture in the form of an award-winning literary and art journal. Students, staff, faculty and Green River alumni submit artwork, poetry and creative writing for consideration to the journal each year, and the pieces published in the book capture and preserve the breadth and depth of creativity happening in our college community.

The journal is created, edited and published annually by a staff of design students partnered with English students, and is the one of the only collaborative creative journals in the country that pairs these two departments in the form of two classes: Art 150 and English 239.

Originally the brain child of Marci Sims and Gary Oliveria in 2002, Espial is currently co-taught by instructors Sarah Dillon Gilmartin in the Fine Arts Division and Avis Adams from the English Division, and has been a regular part of campus life here at the college for more than 10 years.