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KGRG FM’s 25th Anniversary pledge drive ends with a bash

Students lined u in a finals-induced frenzy to destroy a haless car with a five-ound sledgehammer.Students lined up in a finals-induced frenzy to destroy a hapless car with a five-pound sledgehammer.

For one sacred day, Green River students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and faiths shed their differences, and are drawn together in Kennelly Commons to celebrate two universal values that we all hold dearest in our hearts: 1.) defiance of authority, and 2.) the mindless destruction of property.

Yep! It was KGRG FM's annual pledge drive and 25th Anniversary celebration, replete with rock music, their popular car bash and the ubiquitous dunk tank.

Driven on by relentless rock music pounding through the Commons like a team of hell-bound clydesdales spooked by rabid rattlesnake, the festivities were a communion of chaos, a meditation on mayhem, as students lined up in a finals-induced frenzy to destroy a hapless car with a five-pound sledgehammer, or to drop an equally hapless human being into a sloshing tank of water.

All in good fun, of course. And for a good cause--the goal is to raise $1,500 for KGRG FM's annual pledge drive.

BJ Johnson, the assistant program manager for KGRG FM and the host of Idiots in Charge, KGRG FM's morning show (Wednesdays through Fridays from 6 to 9 a.m.), is particularly enthused.

Last year it was overcast, so we didn't get very many people, says Johnson. He glances up at the blue sky and nods, Two years ago, it was really nice like this, and the whole courtyard was packed.

As Johnson preps for dunk tank duty, he is approached by a particularly gleeful student who asks much it costs to take a whack at the car. Johnson snaps into action like a carnival barker: One dollar per swing; $3 for five swings; $5 for 10 swings--for 20 bucks, go nuts 'til ya get tired.

The car was provided by Black Diamond Auto Wrecking. For increased safety, all of the car's fluids were drained and glass removed prior to the event by Automotive Program students, who volunteered to do this on their day off.

The pledge drive concludes with its 25th Anniversary Show June 6, 5 p.m. at Louie G's in Fife.

May you reign for another 25 years, KGRG FM...We are not worthy!