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Student artist of the month: Brian Lemke

Brian LemkeBrian Lemke

At this point in my life, I am just truly happy to be able to focus on creation instead of destruction.

I started out not knowing that I wanted to be an artist but at the same time I didn't realize that I had any potential to begin with. So I joined the Marines, got sick and tired of it, and here I am today about to finish my Associate of Fine Arts.

Being in the military opened my eyes to see the world for what it really is and helped my understanding of people in general. It made me want to figure out more about myself and how to not numb down the emotional burdens that we all carry.

I learned that motivation, a positive attitude and an ego that is in check, can get you exactly where you need to be in life, but this is still easier said than done. Apathy always dams my flow and being immersed in negative focus makes it incredibly hard for me not to bring myself down as well as those around me.

Every day is a challenge to make myself better and learn more. I hope by doing this, my art will reflect my growth as a person and the appreciation I have developed for the world we live in.

Sculture, Vase, &am; Platters by Brian Lemke
Sculpture, Vase, & Platters by Brian Lemke